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Infusion Taproom Beer and Cider tap List

IPABelching Beaver (San Diego)Orange Vanilla IPA
IPA Ale Industries (Oakland)East Bay
IPABlue Note (Woodland)Grapefruit Moon
Revision (Sparks, NV)What What
Pale AleKnee Deep (Auburn)NE Pale
IPAGreat Basin (Sparks, NV)Icky
Red IPADeschutes (Bend, OR)Swivel Head
WitBig Stump (Sacramento)Blood Orange
DunkelweizenDust Bowl (Turlcock)Dunkel Wheat
LagerNew Helvetia (Sacramento)Dunkel Wheat
NITRO StoutFounders (Grand Rapids, MI)Oatmeal Stout
Oak Aged RedThe Bruery (Placentia)Loakal Red
Imp StoutOl' Republic (Nevada City)Chocolypto
SourBreakside (Portland, OR)Passionfruit
Imp IPAKnee Deep (Auburn)7th Anniversary
Brown AleFort Rock (Rancho Cordova)Ready to Wear Brown
AmberDevice (Sacramento)Derby Gurl
KolschAlaskan (Juneau, AK)Summer Ale
Cider2 Towns (Corvalis, OR)Outcider
Pale AleMraz (El Dorado Hills)West Coast King
FlightsChoose ANY Different 4 Beers (5oz each)Total 20 oz
WineCabernet (Lodi)
WineChardonnay (Lodi)